Casa Collection Design, Inc: Since 1991 

Casa Collection develops and produces high quality furniture and cabinetry.

All of our furniture is built in Red Hook, Brooklyn by our own small team of woodworkers, and the hands that make the first cuts into our materials are the same hands that install a piece of furniture in a customer’s home. We employ traditional hand woodworking techniques, in addition to our new CNC router that has allowed us to increase precision and consistency in our cuts, as well as lead times for our customers. We do the finishing for all of our pieces ourselves in our on-site finishing facilities.

Residential and commercial projects are fabricated in our fully equipped shop located in Red Hook, Brooklyn's waterfront. The materials we use most frequently is birch plywood but we also use solid woods and veneers, MDF. We also produce sprayed finishes and employ our own installation crew.

When building custom projects, we develop detailed CAD shop drawings for our clients to review. We also collaborate with a number of local subcontractors including metal workers, glass manufacturers and specialty finishers, expanding our capabilities to a wide range of materials and techniques.

Casa Collection has completed over 400 custom projects in Manhattan and Brooklyn. We are fully insured and a list of high profile clients is available for reference.